• Company name   Argus Inc.
  • Establishment   July 4, 2001
  • Capital   2,983 KMW
  • C.E.O   Deog Sang, Cho
  • Employees   98
  • Address  
    422, Sanggi-Ri, Bongdam-Eup, Hwaseong City,
     Gyeonggi Province, Korea
  • T E L   +82-31-227-8100
  • F A X   +82-31-227-8101
  • Sales 'FY06 : 22,300 KMW
               'FY05 : 15,800 KMW
               'FY04 : 12,300 KMW
  • Main business
    Stand Alone DVR / NVR development,
       manufacturing, sales

'Argus' Mythology

Argus (or Argos) was a monster in Greek mythology. He was famous in legend for having many eyes.
With his multiple sets of eyes, he could see nearly everything in his vicinity.
And indeed, with his keen vision, Argus was regarded as an almost perfect mythological guard creature.
The important legend in which Argus appears features some famous characters from myth, including Hermes, Zeus, Hera, and Io. According to the story, Hera, the Queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses, commanded Argus to watch over Io. Io was a woman with whom Zeus - the ruler of the Olympians - had conducted a passionate love affair. However, in order to protect his mistress from the wrath of his wife, Zeus had transformed Io into a heifer. So Hera, who was quite clever, had Argus guard her rival, the heifer Io. Zeus was not pleased. He sent the god Hermes to dispatch the monster. So in the end, the perfect guard creature was defeated by the wit and cunning of Hermes. Hera paid tribute to Argus by placing his eyes into the tail of the peacock, her favorite bird. In this way, Argus was immortalized, his eyes adorning the feathers of Hera's peacock.

Since its establishment in July 2001 with well-experienced & trained technicians in the image recognition & processing field, Argus Inc. has been developing and dedicating to a reliable stand-alone DVR.

Stand Alone DVR is an embedded type DVR which is operated to the exclusion of PC and OS. Due to its stability, easy operation and reasonable price, stand alone DVR is becoming a main stream in DVR market. With its commitment to stand alone DVR, Argus Inc. has grown dramatically as a world leading stand alone DVR manufacturer.

The motto of Argus Inc. is to manufacture highly marketable DVR products. As Argus Inc. succeeded in developing the stand-alone DVR based on JPEG2000 compression algorithm, it established various product lines from the low-end to the middle & high-end products. Especially in 2007, as it released a new stand alone DVR based on H.264 compression algorithm, Argus Inc. will make a great leap to one of the best stand alone DVR manufacture in the world.

Argus Inc. will keep going forward as a world leading DVR manufacturer and make its dream come true by developing the security & surveillance product constantly based on the technologies of image recognition and processing field.

Argus C.E.O Deog Sang, Cho